Within the next decade (by 2028) we want to make the all the world’s websites easier to use.

There are over 1 billion websites in the world, they’re all different, they can all be challenging to use. This stops the World Wide Web being useful.

Only UX (User Experience) design can fix the World Wide Web.

Yousers will make UX Design  accessible to everyone (beginners and experts) and will build the largest community of UX Designers. Large enough to improve over 1 billion websites.

From Invention to 2018

Since the invention of the world wide web back in 1991, there’s been huge growth in the number of websites which has given us access to an abundance of information and communication like never before.

Google has helped us to sift through over 1 billion websites, but the majority of the world’s websites are hard to use which is breaking the WWW.

Finding a website is one thing, but using a website can be challenging.

How do we improve the usability of websites and make the World Wide Web for everyone? With UX (User Experience) Design.

UX Design begins with how the users feel about a website and creates an ideal design that makes a website simple to use, gives the user value and actually enjoys using the site.

The aim of Yousers is to teach 1 million designers, developers, marketers, business owners, your uncle Bob actionable UX Design techniques that will improve 1 billion websites to make the web easy to use and useful for everyone.